Lagarto Brasserie Tenerife
Our chefs have selected the very best traditional Chinese recipes
Slowboat Chicken & Sweet corn Soup 6,25
Flavoursome with diced chicken & sweet corn
Hot & Sour Soup 6,25
The classic spicy sour soup with Char Siu pork & diced king prawn
Chicken Birdnest Soup 6,80
Sliced chicken breast layered on a bed of thin egg noodle, poached egg & shitake mushroom
Classic Wanton & Char Siu Soup 6,25
A light clear peppered soup with seasoned diced chicken wan tons & sliced char siu
Chinese Mushroom & Vegetable Broth 6,25
A thick deep broth with diced vegetables & shitake mushrooms
Seafood Treasure Soup 8,30
A deep rich broth made with lobster stock, diced scallops,hake, king prawns & mussels
Basket of Prawn Crackers 3,15
Especially made to be the perfect companion to our main courses. Made to share using the freshes and most fragrant ingrediants to compliment your main course yet not over power them.
Steamed Jasmine White Rice 3,40
Egg Fried Rice 3,65
Egg Fried Rice with Ginger & Spring Onion 4,15
Young Chow Fried Rice (Char Siu, peas, small shrimp) 6,25
Emperor Rice 8,05
Diced chicken, sirloin steak cubes, diced king prawns & peas
Plain Egg Noodles with Egg & Sesame Oil 4,70
Egg Noodles with Mixed Oriental Greens 7,30
Julienne vegetables & bean sprouts
Classic Chicken Chow Mein Noodles 9,90
Diced chicken breast, julienne vegetables & bean sprouts
Classic Singapore Vermicelli 9,90
Fragrant & spicy, diced king prawns. Sliced char siu, bean sprouts julienne vegetables, sprinkled curry & pepper powder
Imperial Chow Mein Noodles 14,55
Chicken, sirloin steak cubes, diced king prawns, julienne vegetables & bean sprouts
Mixed Vegetable White Wine Chop Suey 7,30
A light white wine & garlic chop suey dish finished with a touch of oriental greens, bean sprouts, crunchy bamboo & water chestnuts
Spicy Szechuan Mixed Greens & Tofu 9,90
Pak Choi, Gai Lan, asparagus & runner beans all stir fried in a spicy Szechuan sauce. Sprinkled with white sesame seeds
Bowl of Chips 3,40


Choice of seasoned crunchy oriental & mixed greens
Pak Choi (Chinese cabbage) 6,80
Mixed Broccoli. Gai Lan (Chinese broccoli) & field broccoli 6,80
Asparagus & Runner Beans 6,80
Served with a choice of sauce: A) Garlic & Ginger B) Oyster

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