06/03/2018 @ 14:07

In keeping with the carnival theme, we´ve added a twist on the traditional Bianco favourite as nothing starts the night, quite like a rum based blend for budding buccaneers. Combining Passion Fruit and Pineapple, the spirit of the scallywag comes alive in your cocktail glass.



20 mil havana 3

20 mil barcardi blanco

15 mil fresh lemon juice

30 mil of passion fruit puree

50 mil pineapple juice

20 mil Havana 7

Dash of Anogostura

Slice of pineapple


Click Here to see a Tiki Glass.

Take all of your ingredients except the Havana 7 and put into a shaker. Shake the contents together for roughly 15 seconds and double strain into a short tumbler glass with ice. Afterwards, place a small spoon over the glass and slowly pour the Havana 7 over the spoon making a separate layer of Havana 7 at the top of the glass. To make the Zombie complete, finish off with a dash angostura. Place a slice of pineapple as garnish.