House Recomendations – Chinese Pork Gao Bao

17/04/2018 @ 9:45

There are definitely days when you want to tuck into your go to dishes. When you’re at Dedos perhaps this is the original ´Double Smash´ Burger with Cajun Fries or the Super Food Bowl topped with creamy avocado and fresh chicken breast for those ´health kick´ days. But when you’re looking to try something a bit different, head to our ´classics from around the world’ section and we think you’ll be pleasently inspired. With this in mind, our house reccomendation this month is our Chinese Pork Gao Bao. Consisting of fluffy chinese sweet steamed bread filled with slow roasted pork, pickled cucumber, sticky hoisin sauce and spring onion. And at just 5.75 a pop, trying something new doesn’t have to cost the earth. See you there?